Windows In Time:
A View Through Clarkston History

December 2002 – September 2003
ex-6-1-dropThis exhibit was based on a “slice of life” theme where each display case represents a different view of Clarkston life as well as an individual who represents that same aspect. The large window in the front of the Museum was A Farmhouse Window with items from the everyday life of a local farmwife and farmer. Photos of the Stott family farm and the Morgan barn raising serve as the backdrop of this vignette.

ex-6-2-dropOnce inside the museum, the cases represented were as follows: Through The Doctor’s Window addressed the daily life of the town doctor and featured the story of Dr. Charles Gray Robertson.  A Window Into Communication talked about the importance of our rural mail carriers and featured carriers William Rockwell and Elmer Vliet. A Political Window showcased the small town election and highlighted the many civic activities of George King, postmaster, election official, school board director, newspaper columnist and farmer. A Storefront Windowhighlighted the Addis family and their business; Addis’s Soda Fountain which stood for many years at the corner of Main & Washington Streets. Also included in this exhibit were A Window Into Childhood and A Window Into Clarkston Society. ex-6-3-drop