Exhibit 2: May 2000-November 2000

Clarkston at Work:
From Farms to Factories

Since its early establishment, Clarkston has always been a farming community. This exhibit was designed to tell the story of those first farmers and their necessary relationship to the business in town. On display were early photos of local establishments such as Skarritt Livery, the Carran sister’s Millinery Shop, W. C. Petty Art Studio, Jake Gulick’s Barber Shop and Walter & Sons Dry Goods store. 

The role of the local farmer was identified in such items as an early account book kept by dairy farmer Russell Maybee and farm tools used on the Ellis family farm. Items belonging to Dr. Sutherland, the town doctor and Elizabeth Ronk, local postmistress, represented other occupations to name just a few. This was a wonderful exhibit that detailed the evolution of businesses not only on Main Street, but also within the entire Clarkston community.