Exhibit 12: January 2006 – June 2006

Clarkston in Costume: a Century of Fashion

This exhibit was full of texture, color, feathers, ribbons, buttons and bows! Included were several dresses representing dates from 1890, 1900, 1920, 1940 & 1950. Also on view was a wonderful 1903 wedding dress of hand appliquéd lace, as well as a spectacular velvet evening dress from 1915. This dress features elaborate bead and needle work with seed pearls and gold threads. Other highlights included beaded purses, antique jewelry, early nylons, fancy gloves, beautiful fans, and of course – hats. One of the favorite hats is dated 1880 and has a stuffed barn swallow on the brim! Another popular item was an elaborate pair of red velvet shoes embroidered with gold thread. These shoes are different than those we wear today because they were made before the introduction of the left and right shoe. These early shoes are known as “straights” and look quite uncomfortable! Other interesting items contrast a petticoat and chemise from the early 1900s to a psychedelic “flower power” girdle from the 1960s. This was a timely exhibit with the recent interest in vintage clothing and delighted everyone who visited.

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