Exhibit 13: June 2006 – January 2007

Clarkston Throws a Party: Fun, Fellowship & Function

This exhibit celebrated the many different ways that early Clarkston residents gathered; from social occasions such as birthday parties and engagement suppers to functional events like a quilting bee or barn raising. Also included within this collection were articles taken from The Clarkston News in the late 1930s. These clippings covered such events as local theater productions, penny suppers, telephone night at the high school, sleigh rides and Halloween parties.

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In addition, there were also many school events as well as civic club get-togethers and church socials. Of course, any exhibit on social events in Clarkston would have to give a nod to all the many parades that have traveled up and down Main Street over the years. This was a fascinating look at over 100 years of special occasions, social gatherings and family parties. No RSVP required!