Exhibit 14: January 2007 – June 2007

Clarkston Childhood: From Schoolyard to Farmyard

Our current exhibit tells the story of Clarkston’s youngest residents. This is a fun and lively exhibit fitted with cases full of artifacts, photos and toys. Every aspect of a young child’s life is investigated. Several items from Clarkston’s earliest schools are on display. From an 1898 study booklet to a colorful pair of tobacco tin lunchboxes. We also have several cases devoted to playtime. Stop by and take a look at the 1940 peddle car or the 1870 rocking horse, there is also a early sled, 1890 tea set, toy chicken that lays clay marbles and a Howdy Doody marionette. Other areas explored are farm/house chores such as rug beating, collecting eggs, chipping ice and caring for livestock. Of course, there were so many places to go when the chores were finally done. The shores of the Mill Pond provided swimming, fishing and boating. Once you were dried off, the woods and fields were a great place to roam and look for arrowheads left by Clarkston’s first inhabitants. Visit the museum and experience the lives of the young children who played on the streets of this town so many generations ago. If you listen carefully, you can just make out the echo of their young voices as they whisper…… “You’re it!”

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