Exhibit 15: June 2007 – November 2007

A Village Vacation:
P.S., Wish You Were Here!

This was the fifteenth exhibit offered by the Clarkston Heritage Museum and quite different from our previous displays. First, we explored that time when Clarkston was a tourist town starting around the late 1800s. On display were unique Clarkston souvenirs, early cameras, traveling necessities and vintage luggage. These items all explore the idea of heading to Clarkston for a vacation in the country.

In addition, there were over 80 real photo postcards included in this exhibit. These postcards offer the second view of Clarkston history by providing actual photos taken in the Village and surrounding countryside. From local merchants on Main Street to the shores of Deer Lake, the visitor can view just what Clarkston looked like in the early 1900s.

A Village Vacation was a wonderful exhibit full of local images from over a century ago. A time when traveling was done by train or buggy and air conditioning was provided by a cool breeze across the lake.

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