Exhibit 17: May 2008 – October 2008

Dearly Beloved:
Clarkston Courtships & Weddings

Take a walk down the aisle and experience firsthand the many stories of Clarkston brides from the late 1890s to the mid 1940s. The exhibit starts with the opportunities for courtship in Clarkston and then proceeds on to the engagement, ceremony, wedding attire, wedding trip and finally, setting up the household. Wedding couples with local names such as Clark, Maybee, Knox, Alger and King are featured in this old-time celebration. Of course, it wouldn’t be a wedding if it didn’t involve everyone wearing their finest attire and many beautiful gowns are on display. Other items included are an 1866 church record book, photos, marriage certificates and wedding gifts from the Victorian age. Everyone will enjoy this exhibit and “Dearly Beloved” will give the visitor an opportunity to attend several different Clarkston weddings without having to R.S.V.P., bring a gift or sit with their relatives!

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