Exhibition 18: November 2008–May 2009

The Butcher, the Baker, the Candlestick Maker:
Clarkston Merchants, Shopkeepers & Tradesmen

Heading to town? Have you got your list? This exhibit takes the visitor back to a time when all your shopping needs were filled on a Saturday afternoon in the village. Needed groceries? Stop at the general store of Frank Walter & Son where you could purchase everything from yard goods to chamber pots. Need new barrels to store this year’s apple crop? Stop by the town cooper or try Wiltsie Vliet’s cabinet shop. Have the children outgrown their cribs? The furniture store of Jasper Linabury can provide what you need, and don’t forget the wonderful flour ground at the Clarkston Mill; go home without that and there will be no warm bread on the table this week! Not just an ordinary Saturday? To celebrate a special occasion there was the art photography studio of Will Petty or the confectionary store of Daniel Addis. Ice cream anyone?

Many different businesses and shops are represented in this wonderful exhibit. Stop for a visit and step back to a time when shopping in Clarkston meant hitching up the horse (or cranking up the Modal A) and heading in to town for errands and a chance to visit with friends from neighboring farms.

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