Exhibition 24: May 2012 – August 2013

Factories, Floods & Henry Ford

This exhibit focuses on the impact Henry Ford made on the village community of Clarkston. Full of interesting facts and stories, the museum visitor will learn how the oldest school building in town became a Ford Motor Company upholstery factory. There is also the wonderful story of the time in 1941 when Ford was constructing a new mill building in town as part of his Village Industries Program. During this time there was three days of heavy rain and the temporary cofferdam burst, draining the town mill pond and sending water flooding through the streets of Clarkston. Clarkston was also home to Deer Lake Hills Farm, a Ford Tractor proving ground, testing facility and training school. With over 500 acres, the facility welcomed dealers and farmers from across the nation and around the world, training over 2,000 people in 1953 alone. This exhibit touches on an aspect of the community that many are unaware of and offers a chance to learn of a time when a Captain of Industry walked our streets.

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